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Wave Attenuators

Protect your dock from rough water and crashing waves.

Breakwater Systems
Breakwater Systems
Breakwater Systems

About Breakwater Systems

Horseshoe Bend has been designing and constructing residential and commercial breakwaters for Lake of the Ozarks for 20 years.

Today’s product is the Flow Restrictor Barrier System. This system was designed specifically for Lake of the Ozarks and boat generated waves. It is a ballast type breakwater system that encapsulates water inside of its ballast and uses the weight of the water as the barrier itself. A heavy duty galvanized steel frame and seawall grade vinyl piling are utilized to create a product that excels in both performance and aesthetics. Recent breakwater projects include Camden on the Lake Resort, Pier 31, and numerous private installations.

Breakwater Features

  • Galvanized Steel Framing
  • Seawall Grade Vinyl Piling Restrictor Walls
  • Galvanized Chain and 1 ½” poly rope anchoring system
  • 8’ tall x 8’ wide -- built to length
  • 6 year product warranty
  • Competitive pricing by the foot

Breakwater Systems
Breakwater Systems
Breakwater Systems

Breakwater Systems Specs

Breakwater System Specs

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